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What does Keisha love?

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Hey, Camp Fans!
Keisha is the Supervisor of our Call Center so if you've called us in the last year, you might have spoken to her.
Remember Keisha, our Supervisor in the Call Center? Back in August, I wrote an introductory Blog post about her. If you’ve placed an order over the phone for a C&N camp trunk or any other camping supplies in the last year, there’s a good chance that you spoke with Keisha. Well, today is her turn to share with everyone which product is her favorite from everything we offer here at Everything Summer Camp.

“Oh, that’s the Bunk Organizer—hands down,” Keisha says, smiling. “I mean, I have two of them in my house, so, it’s pretty much gotta be, right? My son is really into them too!”

While the Bunk OrgaEasy to attach and a plethora of pockets, get the Bunk Organizer.nizer is designed to take the place of a nightstand, its Velcro straps allow for easily attaching to not just the side or foot of a bunk bed, but you can certainly find other places to hang it. Keisha’s kid utilizes the convenience of his Bunk Organizer in his closet. And Keisha uses hers inside her mudroom closet. She keeps her stock of assorted detergents and cleaners in the organizer’s 16 pockets.

Perfect at summer camp, the Bunk Organizer is a great place for kids to keep their books, flashlights, bug spray, sunscreen, watch, toiletries, sandals—anything you want to keep nearby and easily-accessible, this amazing organizer can make it happen! “I definitely get why kids love it so much!” says Keisha. “Luka and I love ours.”

A 600D polyester unit, the Bunk Organizer measures 18”x34” and comes in a handful of cool colors and patterns for you to choose from. Very cool and very convenient, the Bunk Organizer is always a great addition to your household. Take a cue from Keisha and get a Bunk Organizer for your home. HECK—get TWO! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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