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What do you do when the summer ends?

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Hey, Summer Lovers!

It’s hard to watch the summer season go by, but it’s important to remember that, for the time, it’s still here. Sure, school’s back in session and the days are getting shorter, but it’s not technically fall until September 23. And, until then, it remains summer. So make the best of the rest and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather of the great outdoors. The weather’s perfect this time of the season!

Everything Summer Camp will be helping you out with some great ideas for outdoor activities, not just today, but for the next three Mondays in September.Apple-Picking is quite a memorable time for children

Idea #1: Apple-Picking. This is always one of my favorite end-of-summer activities. There’s nothing like taking a trip out to an apple orchard and filling your bushel with apples that were picked straight off the branch, touched by nobody but you. Doesn’t that sound good?

I have so many fond memories from when I was a child, walking through the seemingly endless aisles of apple trees with my family, climbing ladders to reach the perfect apple, running with my cousins because my dad and uncle scared us pretending to be bears…

It’s pretty hard NOT to have a fun time when you’re out apple-picking! After all, the picking process is its own reward in itself. All the delicious apples that you’ve picked along the way are a bonus for the days to come.

Luckily, there’s no sThere's no such thing as having picked too many apples!uch thing as picking too many apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but aside from an awesome snack, there are lots of things you can make to enjoy your hand-picked apples. Make apple sauce, apple cider, apple juice, apple crisp, apple pancakes, apple pie, CARAMELED APPLES!…

There’s really no downside to apple-picking! I know I’m planning a picking trip in the near future, how ‘bout you? Till next time, readers.


- John


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