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Hey, Black Friday Fans!

In the last decade or so, Thanksgiving has taken on more traditions than our typical feasts that take all day to prep, the Macy’s Day Parade, and a football game on TV. As Black Friday continues to push stores’ opening hours earlier and earlier, the shopping experience is overlapping with Thanksgiving evening, creating what some refer to as ‘Grey Thursday’.

Lazy Thanksgiving evenings are now designated time to prepare yourself: peruse those Black Friday/Grey Thursday...sales last all week at Everything Summer and map out your route so you’ll be ready to embark on a carefully strategized night of shopping. So what are some of the traditions people have started after the leftovers get put away?

Vice President of Everything Summer Camp, Mark, and his wife, Mandy, love going out on this night to find ridiculous deals and hit up their favorite stores. To keep the tradition, they always start the night with the same store first every year.

Some folks are so into their Black Friday-ing that they skip the customary Thanksgiving meal altogether in order to dedicate all their energy to shopping instead. Many of these people will break from their epic shopping excursions at some point in the night to get a traditional bite to eat. McDonald’s is a popular stop because it’s fast and gets them right back to the shopping!

Movies are also becoming a popular attraction for Black Friday participants. It’s become a tradition for Keisha, our receptionist, and a group of her friends to partake in a break from the shopping frenzy by taking in a fun flick.

And while some people plan routes to raid all the local stores around their area, others are driving long distances to a mall that has a little more to offer than what local malls will. Famous malls that boast their size, location, and store variety, are like magnets for some folks on Black Friday!

Whatever your Black Friday traditions are feel free to share them with us right here! We hope you have a fun, safe shopping experience. And be sure to take advantage of all the awesome deals you can find on our site from now through to December 1. As always, thanks for reading!

You don't have to head out on Black Friday in order to reap amazing deals

- John


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