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What did People Sleep on Before there were Beds?

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Hey, Daydreamers!

Where’s the best place to lie down or even catch a few Zzz’s in the middle of the day? Well, the living room sofa is often a popular place. There’s also the obvious and overdone bed. Comfy recliners and rockers can be great for this situation, but even they take a backseat to one simple contraption.

Today we celebrate the best place for a quick snooze: the hammock. Swaying in a summer breeze, hammocks typically deliver an incomparable level of luxury. Its simple design can be deceiving as it’s often surprising just how comfortable you are in a hammock. Today is National Hammock Day. Swaying in a summer breeze, there are few better ways to achieve maximum relaxation. Take a deep breath in and fall asleep to the gentle sway.

Tried and true, the hammock has been around for many centuries (about a thousand years, maybe more). Evidence suggests that the hammock was conceived and created in what is now Mexico. It was the Mayan civilization of the Yucatan Peninsula that invented this simple, swaying apparatus for sleep.

Never really intended for anything but sleep and relaxation, hammocks are thought to have been the Mayan’s sole sleeping structure. While the Mayan’s may have invented hammocks, they weren’t the only ones to enjoy them. It’s surprising to discover that—even back in those days—trade routes among native tribes were so far-reaching; they stretched from Central America to Brazil.

Hammocks quickly became, not just a popular trading item, but THE thing to sleep on. You wouldn’t dream of not owning a hammock back in those days. What would you sleep on?!

Nowadays, we typically sleep through the night on our beds. Even so, hammocks haven’t Perfect for reading, there are lots of benefits to having your hammock set up inside as opposed to the traditional outdoor setting.gone away. You’ll see them randomly set up between two trees in a yard or even in the bedroom of a really cool kid.

I fondly recollect the one tied up on the solarium of my friend’s apartment building. It was large enough that my friends and I would lie sideways so four of us could fit on it, swaying back and forth and staring up at the stars.

Hammocks are magical. So, if your yard is blessed with one—go appreciate it! If not, go make friends with someone who owns one or get one for yourself. In honor of National Hammock Day, Everything Summer Camp has started to carry these ingenious sleeping mechanisms. Get them now while they’re on sale and enjoy your Hammock Day. Thanks for reading.


- John

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