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Hey, Halloweeners!

Like so many things in life, Halloween comes only once a year, so when it comes you want to make sure you get it right. There’s typically a lot of stuff to purchase and prepare in the time before an approaching holiday such as Halloween. One of the big preparations for Halloween is your costume. Everybody dresses up for Halloween!
Kid's Halloween costumes come in all different shapes, sizes, and levels of uglinessI hope that, at this point, you all know what you’ll be going as! But it’s okay if you haven’t yet. Maybe you just can’t decide who you’d rather be between Dracula and Bigfoot OR a witch and a fairy. It’s an important decision to make and there are so many options you have at your disposal. So I thought I could share with you my compilation of this year’s most popular characters to dress up as.

Of course, it’s always safe to dress up as a traditional ghost or mummy, but that’s not what’s winning the popularity contests nowadays. According to my understanding of what’s cool with the kids these days, there are ten characters you can certainly expect to see out on the streets during your neighborhood’s Trick-or-Treat hours this year:

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ has become an immediate classic and begs to live on in Halloween costuming. Characters like Olaf, Elsa, and Anna are sure to be coming to your door.Elsa, Anna, and Olaf are this year's top 3 Halloween costumesAnother certainty is Maleficent, the evil faerie from the 1959 classic, ‘Sleeping Beauty’. This character’s reprise is due to the recent release of Disney’s ‘Maleficent’ in which Angelina Jolie plays the villainous lead role.

Obviously, there are four of them, but they all look…pretty much the same, so I’m only counting the Ninja Turtles as one. Whether you go with Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael, or Mikey, the turtles are bound to be a very popular costume this year.

With the television series ‘Gotham’ grabbing people’s attention along with the highly-anticipated 2016 release of ‘Batman v.s. Superman’, villains and heroes from these comics are gaining popularity. I predict you’ll see lots of girls dressed as Catwoman, Poison Ivy, or Wonder Woman (who’s also in the ‘Batman v.s. Superman’ movie). 

And you know you’re going to see plenty of Superman and Batman costumes!

The world of Batman and Superman collide in 2016Maybe this gave you the idea you were looking for, or at least got you thinking if you still need a costume. Good luck to you from Everything Summer Camp and thanks for reading!


- John

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