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Hey, Readers!

Did you know that reading is GREAT for your mind and body? The activity alone is an incomparable exercise for your brain—like pumping mental iron. It’s able to decrease stress levels by 68%. It can help establish a better sleeping pattern. And it can even help you relate better to others around you in you daily life. WOW! Thanks, Reading!
Get cozy with your favorite book on Book Lovers Day!
Celebrate all its great benefits today—it’s National Book Lovers Day. A day to make any avid reader excited, Book Lovers Day urges you to grab a good book and delve into it in your favorite chair or maybe a quiet spot outdoors.

Everything Summer Camp may be a one-stop shop for all your summer camp needs, but we also offer a wealth of fun toys, games, and—yes, books for good ol’ camping fun. Take a look at all the great titles we have available on our online store:

Choose Your Own Adventure
Everything about camp is an adventure. You can keep with the spirit in your reading material with Choose Your Own Adventure books. Entertaining younger generations since 1979, Choose Your OwnThere's nothing like choosing your own adventure!s are awesomely interactive and great fun at camp and beyond. These books do a great job encouraging independence for campers who struggle with leaving home.

Camp Confidential
Lose yourself in this engaging series during your summer and other camping trips. With Get the skivvy on Camp Lakeview or Walla Walla depending on which installment you pick up!great installments like ‘Natalie’s Secret’ and ‘Alex’s Challenge’, you’re sure to devour these stories of the lovable characters attending Camp Lakeview and, eventually, Camp Walla Walla. Page after page of plot twists, misadventures, and hilarious moments are sure to keep you engrossed!

Great TitlesA wealth of knowledge lies within the pages of this excellent guidebook.
This Department is jam-packed with great information about how best to send your kid off to camp. Expert advice from Doctors Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski lie within ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, offering invaluable guidance in all kinds of topics like packing efficiently, avoiding homesickness, and more. We also have fun storybooks to introduce the idea of camp to kids who are too young for it just yet but see it on the horizon. And other titles too.

So have fun perusing all the great books we have available and celebrate Book Lovers Day in summer style! As always, thanks for reading.


- John

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