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Wenzel Makes A Great Sleeping Bag

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Hey, Camp Fans!

One essential piece of camping gear for any camper is a sleeping bag. At Everything Summer Camp, we keep a wide assortment of sleeping bag styles and temperature ratings because we know how much of a variable a sleeping bag can be.

The type of sleeping bag that’s right for your camper depends on so much: the location of the camp, the length of your camper’s stay, the intensity of your camper’s camp stay….wenzel backyard mummy

In order to provide for so many different needs, it’s necessary that we have the wide selection. And we just added four more quilt-through construction sleeping bags from Wenzel. They all have outer shells of 190T Polyester filled with Insul-Therm insulation.

First is the Rectangle style Wenzel Summer Camp Bag. When the 26” x 66” bag is fully unzipped, it converts to a 52” x 66” blanket. With a 40° F temperature rating, this polyester bag is filled with 2.5 lbs. of insulation. Few bags say summer camp quite like this one!

We also added the Wenzel Mummy style Backyard Bag to our collection. This bag features a drawstring hood for extra warmth. It measures 26” x 66” and has a temperature rating of 30 ° F. Filled with 2 lbs. of Insul-Therm, this bag is made for someone who’s really roughin’ it.

The third bag that we now offer, the Wenzel Sunward, is another Rectangle style bag that also converts to a blanket when fully unzipped. It measures 33” x 78” and has a temperature rating of 30 ° F. Stuffed with 4 lbs. of Insul-Therm Fill inside. This bag isn’t kiddin’ around.

And our fourth installment, the Wenzel Lakeside is yet another Rectangle style sleeping bag. It’s made of Rubber Ring and also converts to a blanket when unzipped. Given a temperature rating of 40 ° F, this bag is filled with 3 lbs. of insulation. This bag is better for slightly cool nights or indoor use.

Good luck finding the best sleeping bag for your camper!


- John
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