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Welcome To Customer Service Week

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Hey, Faithful Customers!

Today begins the celebratory event that gets recognized the world over—welcome to Customer Service Week. Since we have the utmost respect and appreciation for our customers, everyone here at Everything Summer Camp is happy to acknowledge the importance behind customer service and to salute everyone who consistently displays diligent service and effective support for their customers.customer service week

So how did such an event come to be? Customer Service Week is a rather new event to be celebrated. It started in the early 90’s. Since 1991, an organization called the Customer Service Group has continued to sponsor an official program dubbed the Customer Service Week.

From providing instructional information on customer service to getting materials ready for celebration, the Customer Service Group has done so much to inspire the hundreds of professionals who help create the Customer Service Week celebration with their celebration ideas and plans.

One year later, the United States Congress declared the first full week in October to be Customer Service Week, making it a nationally recognized, annual event. This year’s Customer Service Week starts today and ends on Friday the 11th.

So what’s the point in celebrating Customer Service Week? Well, because we’re people—because our hard work continues when we see that people appreciate it. We want to know that we’re making a difference.

Without customers who appreciated the way they were served and taken care of, Everything Summer Camp couldn’t exist (nor could any other organization that relies on its customers). It’s a pretty important thing.

Customer Service Week is based off five essential goals:

1.) Motivate, encourage teamwork and boost morale in general

2.) Reward representatives for the important work they do all throughout the year

3.) Raise company-wide understanding of the importance behind customer service

4.) Thank other departments for their support

5.) Remind customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction


- John

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