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We live in your phone now too

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Hey there, Camp Shoppers!

Fairly often, I post about new products and new deals on the Blog. And have I got news for you today! Overdue news as it may be, we’re very excited about itShop our site on your phone now!, nevertheless. Our Customer Service has recently launched the Everything Summer Camp mobile site so you can shop our site on your phone now.

We know, we know—better late than never, though. Right?

Now that’s not to say you couldn’t visit our online shop on your phone previously—many did, in fact. But our site wasn’t designed for phones which led to a ridiculous amount of frustrations when trying to navigate the site. You never knew if you were accurately tapping the right button and the setup was sloppy.

Now check out our mobile site! Pages load faster. Tapping is much more accurate. Our menu buttons are much easier to access. All around, it’s a much more pleasant handheld shopping experience!Check out our Mobile Site on your phone!

As happy as we are with our mobile site, it’s not perfect. There are some things to bring to your attention—things that are not available when shopping on your phone.

1.    The mobile site is not setup for wishlists
2.    There are no product reviews on our mobile site

That’s it. We plan on adding these features to the mobile site in the near future.

Our website is sure to LOOK different on your phone, but practically everything aside from our lack of wishlists and product reviews is the same. You can still search the site on your phone, you can view your camper’s packing list, and you can enter camp codes.

We hope that you enjoy the new, smooth, and improved shopping experience on your phone. 


- John

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