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We Hope You Enjoy Kristy’s Mad Libs Today

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Hey, Blog Buddies!

I went to Kristy for our next ‘Camp Libbing’ endeavor. Being our Lead Buyer, I thought it’d be appropriate to write a Camp Lib about packing for summer camp. I had her fill in the blanks with the appropriate parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) and now I’ll share the result with you. If you want, write down your own words for the blanks too. Just use the mad libsfollowing list of requested words and enjoy Kristy’s Camp Lib below. Enjoy!

And remember—a noun is a person, place, thing, or idea; a verb is an action word; and an adjective is a word that describes something.


1. Nonsense Word

2. Noun

3. Adjective

4. Plural Noun

5. A Number

6. Plural Noun

7. Verb

8. A Number

9. Verb ending in ‘ing’

10. Noun

11. Noun

12. Adjective

13. Noun

14. Adjective

15. Name of a Store

16. Adjective

17. Adjective

18. Noun

19. Noun

20. Noun

21. Adjective

22. Plural Noun

23. Noun

24. Exclamation

This summer I’ll be attending Camp Awesome Sauce. I just finished checking over the camp’s Ireland that they posted online. In my camp trunk I have all my beautiful clothing as well as all the mailmen I’ll want to bring along.

I’m bringing thirteen guinea pigs though I doubt I’ll have enough time to run all of them. After all, my camp stay is only five weeks long and I don’t plan on shuffling the entire time.

Of course, I’ve packed my pig, sandal, and other frilly products. And I take my stuffed Channing Tatum with me everywhere I go.

I got myself a spunky bag from Justice so it’s sure to hold up in dear weather conditions and messy nights. Then there’s my bling, grill, and princess just in case we get repulsive on a cool summer night.

I’m bringing a couple colors and a/n Olaf along too, but those are going in my duffel. Wha–what! I can’t WAIT to be at camp!


- John

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