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Hey, Romantics!

Nobody should be surprised—today, of all days—if you so happen to receive some kind of note, card, candy, or other small gift from someone along with a request that you be their Valentine. Sometimes it can be very clear as to just WHO this special someone is; other times, however, they might hide behind anonymity as a secret admirer, too shy to just come out and express their feelings.Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks to see what great things ESC has in store.

Well, we aren’t shy whatsoever here at Everything Summer Camp. We’ll say it loud and say it proud. We LIKE you. We like you A LOT! When it comes to our customers, we’re pretty much head-over-heels and ready to bend over backwards, forwards, sideways—whichever way it is that’s sure to make you happy. So, on behalf of Everything Summer Camp, I ask you: Will You Be Mine?

Our feelings toward our customers should come as no surprise to you since we’re always trying to demonstrate our love through our jaw-dropping discounts, excellent service, incredible construction, and lickety-split speed.

Some people like to write their Valentines a love poem. Others go for romantic walks together and some plan on dining out for a special dinner tonight. We have a different way of showing our love, but it should reassure you, nonetheless, that our feelings our true.

At Everything Summer Camp we want every sale to last forever and, while we can’t make that happen, we can just continue to run sale after sale after sale, which is essentially what we’ve been doing since before the holiday season in December. We had sales all throughout December, January, and we had one sale at the beginning of this month.

Stay tuned throughout the next couple of weeks to learn what we’re doing to enhance our customer service and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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