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We Have Awesome Stationery Products

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Hey, Blog Buddies!

For our blog post today I’m going to be discussing excellent stationery accessories that we carry here at Everything Summer Camp. That’s right—not only do we have a couple, great sets of stationery from Paper So Pretty as well as Seal N’ Send Stationery—we carry excellent accessories for stationery too!postcards

Aside from actual stationery, you can also find cool Camp Grams, Postcards, an impressive Storage Clipboard, Call Me Cards, Lap Desks, and—of course—Forever Stamps.

First up, our Camp Grams are available in a kids as well as a grown-ups set that you can get for summer camp. The sets include helpful guides to writing a letter home, mini-letters, and two-way postcards. Staying in touch is very important during your summer camp stay. Camp Grams make it easy. Aside from Camp Grams we also have simple postcards with fun, campy illustrations and designs.

Our Storage Clipboard is great for organization! It’ll do everything but write your letters for you. Write on the surface, then tuck your letter away in the convenient storage bin underneath the hinged lid. It’ll hold your stationery, pens, stamps, envelopes, and whatever else you need for your letters home.

One of our own personalized products, Call Me Cards remind you to keep in touch with your new camp friends after camp is over. Make it easy by handing out these personalized business cards with your information to new friends. There are also blank cards for you friends to fill out and give to you.

Lastly, oulap deskr Lap Desks from All for Color as well as Three Cheers for Girls. Make anyplace at camp into your very own personal spot where you can write letters home, draw, play card games, etc. These Lap Desks come with different designs to choose from, a built-in cup holder, a detachable pillow, and a zippered pocket in the pillow for storage of pens, paper, and anything else you would normally keep in your desk at home!

That’s all for today, Camp Fans!


- John
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