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Water you waiting for?

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Hey, Swimmers!

Who doesn’t love a refreshing and exhilarating splash into the wet world of WATER?! You’re sure to get lots of time in the water during your summer camp stay. Swimming is the most popular activity at summer camp and since most boys and girls are like magnets to pools, I thought we’d celebrate National Swim a Lap Day on our Blog.

Obvious advocates of camp, we here at Everything Summer Camp recognize and understand the importance of swimming for summer campers all across the board. More than just a, invigorating, cool treat on a hot day—swimming is fun, it’s developmental, it’s social, and it certainly is EXERCISE!
Get into the water with Speedo this summer.
That’s right! Swimming is just as physically taxing as it is fun—especially if you’re trying to improve upon your skills. A couple months ago, I posted a tips and advice series about proper fitness exercises in preparation for the rigors of summer camp. The final installment of the series gave great exercises to try for swimming.

lAnother way to spot our understanding of your love to swim is by the slew of swimwear and other accessories that we offer on our site. Dominated by Speedo, we’re proud to order such a quality selection for all your swimming needs.

Speedo uses advanced materials and designs which have been exclusively developed by themselves, giving their customers—and ours too—the freedom and speed that they need. It doesn’t matter if you’re just learning to swim or training for the Olympics, our selection of Speedo products can help you! We’ve got everything from swimming trunks and swimsuits to watershoes and goggles, and so much more.

Shop our site and exercise with our fitness tips to maximize your fun in the water this summer and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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