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Wanna Know What We Did This Summer?

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Hey, Summer Camp People!

We’re fun folks here at Everything Summer Camp and we know how to stay hip to the current cool trends among kids. How do we do it? We surround ourselves with equally fun and cool companies and develop strong ties to them. We take cues from one another because the people who make up these companies are parents and aunts and uncles—we know kids!  One of these companies is cleverly named iScream! They know what kids find cool. Hip to kid style and flat-out fun, this young company has been around for less than a decade, yet they’ve found their niche and are growing in popularity every year! Made up of an extremely creative team, iScream is the best in bedside and road trip entertainment!

To keep the fun growing in the world, iScream continues to introduce fun new lines of cute, cuddly, hilarious, and loud products that present themselves in a jubilee of fun color explosions!

With images that accentuate color and stress depth, iScream Activity Books and their Seal & Send Stationery offer explosively detailed treats for your eyes and provide interesting, absorbing material that will keep you amused for as long you desire! But these awesome activity books and stationery were only the beginning!

We’ve recently added to our site some of the cutest and hilarious products from iScream! Check out their crazy cool sandals, stylish and practical cosmetic bags, ridiculous pillows and sleeping bags, journals with creative covers, and lots…LOTS more.

We’re extremely thrilled to offer the insane amount of fun that comes along with our excellent selection from this excellent brand. Take a good, hard gander at all the fun in these activities by clicking here and try not to scream! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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