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Hey, Camp Girls!

Nowadays, summer camps can be found in every state across the country. But the initial camps that started the whole idea of summer camp all began along the East Coast. The very first summer camp, The Gunnery, was started in 1861. It was rather ahead of its time, though; camp popularity didn’t really start spreading until around the end of the 19th Century. Today we have an earlier, East Coast camp to shine our spotlight on—Camp Wa-Klo.

Off in the woodsy southwest corner of New Hampshire and a breathtaking view of Mount Monadnock, Camp Wa-Klo got its start more than 80 years ago back in 1938. You may think the name of the camp is borrowed from some Native American culture or a magic word—an abra-cadabra of sorts. Camp Wa-Klo, however, is just the end result of the camp’s co-founders smashed together: Miss WAtkinson and Miss KLOberg.

It was Miss Kloberg who, after operating one of the very first day camps in the country back in 1927 paired with her experience working at other residential camps, decided to join forces with Miss Watkinson and find a camp together that they could call their own.

The came across the beautiful site that would come to be theirs and they envisioned a magnificent waterfront, striking playing fields, and outdoor courts for Tennis. They saw girls going down the Zip Line and traversing up a mountain. They saw proper activity venues designated for Archery, Field Archery, Gymnastics, Field Hockey, Soccer, LaCrosse, and Volleyball—all of it set with the required equipment.

The reality of their vision is there in New Hampshire, ready each summer for a three, four, or seven-week adventure. Wa-Klo campers stay in comfy cabins—airy and bright. They offer a sink and toilet located within each bunk. Younger campers typically get a bunk with a shower while older girls (ages 10 and up) are able to shower in the shower houses that have individual stalls.  

Check out the same vision Miss Watkinson and Miss Kloberg had when they first set eyes on their own space. Give Camp Wa-Klo a closer look by checking out their website when you click right here. Give them your consideration for next summer’s camp adventure and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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