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Vibrant New Name Labels

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Hey there, Camp Enthusiasts!

If you’re no rookie to summer camp, then you already know that every camp wants everything to be labeled. This way each and every item that gets brought to camp goes home with the kid that brought it. It also helps camps that provide a laundry service to make sure the right clothing goes to the right camper.

Get your cool and colorful name labels at Everything Summer Camp. We spent the entire off season developing our new Iron-On Clothing Name Labels as well as our Stick-On Name Labels (formerly called Waterproof Name Labels). This year our labels are cooler and more colorful than ever!   Iron-On Clothing Name Labels

Our Iron-On Clothing Name Labels and Stick-On Name Labels now come in a plethora of vibrant colors and four, cool patterned backgrounds—two of which are our new designs for the season (Hex and Botanical Explosion). These labels are fun and energetic. They’re shiny. They’re new.

Whether you go with your favorite color, the Dots background, Camo, Hex, or Botanical Explosion, these labels will look great on your camp clothes and gear.

The Iron-On Clothing Name Labels, made right here in our own facility, are printed on a vinyl material as opposed to our old (yet still available) product—printed polyester. The vinyl material means the new name labels are much quicker and easier to iron onto your clothes.

They come in sets of 48 or doubled at 96.

Our old Waterproof Name Labels were admittedly a little on the boring side.  The new Stick-OnStick On Name Labels for your camping gear Name Labels (also printed here in our facility) are still waterproof and printed on a glossy, durable material but they are far from boring.  These name labels come in the same color options and backgrounds that are available for the name labels for clothes.

The Stick-On Name Labels come in sets of two sheets—one with 30 large labels and one with 64 small labels. Arrive at camp right. Arrive labeled. Till next time!



- John

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