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High Sierra Sport Company

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Hey there, Camp Aficionados!

Today I want to tell you about another great company whose products can be found right here at Everything Summer Camp—it’s High Sierra Sport Company. Read on to discover some rich company history that dates back to the late forties, though the brand High Sierra Sport Company was not incorporated until 1978.

It doesn’t matter what kind of gear you’re getting from High Sierra—whether it’s luggage for summer camp, a convenient duffel for a hiking adventure, or even a backpack for something as simple as school, you can bet that it’s a high quality product you can count on because High Sierra backpacks are built to last.

High Sierra is one of the world’s most trusted brands, being the Official Supplier of bags to the U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding, and U.S. Free Skiing. The fact that High Sierra’s bags see so much action just goes to show how resilient the bags are.

It all started in the late forties when a man named Harry Bernbaum bought surplus Army supplies and sold them to wholesalers and retailers. But the company evolved quickly and by 1978 Harry Bernbaum was exporting Levis to Japan in order to raise capital for a new company, H. Bernbaum Import & Export Company which would soon be renamed High Sierra Sport Company to better portray their outdoor product lines.

By the mid-eighties, High Sierra had established themselves as the go-to company for quality backpacks, duffel bags, canvas bags, luggage, outdoor tents, other outdoor gear, jackets, and gear for foul weather. And by the late nineties, the company had introduced new product lines to adventure travelers and winter sports.

Most recently, High Sierra has added the new Tech Series collection along with their Pack N Go duffel bags, new Ski and Snowboard bags as well as Day Packs and the Evolution Duffel Bag. Everything Summer Camp is delighted to work together with a company that’s so vested and successful in their line of work as we are.

Thanks for reading, Camp Fans. Till next time!



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