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Unveiling Our Second Winner

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We’re announcing the winners to our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest right here on the Blog. Come back each weekday to see who else won; it might just be you. This year, we have more stories, more laughs, and more fun! And, now for our second $50 winner—congratulations to….

Claudia B.!

“During the night, after dinner, camp comes alive again on certain nights. Campers go to be seated in the pavilion, and we get ready to play special games called 'Night Games.' While the name isn't the most creative, it is a source of great joy for the campers, CITs, and even counselors to play. This specific game was known as 'Animal Game', where you were on a certain color team and had to run from a designated color while chasing a different color. The object of the game is to get tagged the least amount of times. I was team red, running from green and tagging purple. While I got tagged four times that night, that didn't really matter. What mattered was that there was a twist. Counselors disguised as 'minions', which are brainwashed henchmen of the camp myth 'The Man' and 'The Woman', were to chase campers around and when they tagged a camper, the camper had to sit down for the rest of the game. We needed a plan, and fast. We teamed up with another team, a friend named Lucas who I had met before. We started running toward the back tree line, desperate to find a good cover. And there it was, a cabin hidden so that the back could not be seen by anyone in the regular area. It was right before the back tree-line, which was our boundary, so it wasn't breaking any rules. In short, it was perfect. We waited in silence, occasionally peaking out to see if anyone was coming. Suddenly, we heard a rustling. We all got ready to run. But when peaking around the corner, it was another team made up of people I knew. We let them hide with us and devised a plan for lookouts. One clap to hide, two to run. Finally, it happened. A kid whom Lucas knew snitched on our hiding spot, and a minion came over. Preparing for the worst, we almost took off running before he just told us we couldn't hide behind cabins, before running away to tag someone else. That was fair enough, so we looked for a different hiding spot. It was almost over, so we just needed something sufficient for a few more minutes. We saw a clothesline and thought it would probably do. And it worked. One second after the end, I got tagged. Our team won, and I will always remember it as one of the most fun night games of my camp experience.”


Awesome, Claudia! Sounds like you got the full summer camp experience at The Pines Catholic Camp. I like how everyone kept gravitating to your hiding spot until the wrong person saw you! Darn friend of Lucas! At least your team still came out victorious. Your storytelling really put me in the game with you! Thanks for sharing this memorable moment at summer camp with us!

If any of our readers want to take a closer look at The Pines Catholic Camp, check it out by clicking right here. Come back tomorrow to find out who our third $50 winner of this year’s ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest is! Who knows?! It might be you! If your entry is announced a winner, you’ll receive an email with the gift certificate code once all other winners have been disclosed. As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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