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Unveiling Our New Seasonal Designer Trunks

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There's no better way to showcase your love for the current spooky season than with a trunk from the Everything Summer Camp Seasonal Designer Trunks Autumn collection! We're thrilled to introduce the latest five additions to our Halloween-themed trunks, featuring five captivating designs of a spine-tingling spectacle: Halloween Fright, Harvest Delight, Monster Mash, Zombie Attack, and Mummy Mayhem.

Take a closer look at each one right now…if you dare:


Halloween Fright: A Spooktacular Choice

Dive deep into the spirit of Halloween all year round with our Halloween Fright Designer Trunk. Featuring jolly jack-o'-lanterns, creeping black cats, haunting ghosts, and more this design is all about the fun scares of Halloween. Whether you're a fellow lover of the spooky season or just love the thrill of a good scare, this trunk is perfect for you.

Harvest Delight: Embrace the Warmth of Autumn

Harvest Delight brings the cozy essence of autumn straight to your camp trunk. This trunk features a patch-full of pumpkins along with all the delectable treats of the season that we get from this celebrated gourd such as lattes, muffins, and slices of pie—a perfect choice for those who cherish the tasty pleasures of autumn.

Monster Mash: An Expressionless Example

Our Monster Mash Designer Trunk is a graveyard smash! A close-up on Frankenstein's creature is complete on this Designer Trunk with the stitches, neck bolts, and that dreadful deadpan expression of his. Don’t get lost in the terror of this reanimated conglomeration as it ambles your way with outstretched arms; join forces with this Monster Mash Seasonal Designer Trunk and get on in a flash!

Zombie Attack: The Undead Unleashed

This gruesome graveyard goings-on ought to have you zig-zagging your way through the tombstones in a hurry. When zombies claw their way back up to the surface, it’s time to get yourself home and board the place up! The undead have never looked so scary than their depiction on this Zombie Attack Seasonal Designer Trunk—a standout choice for those who embrace the darker side of Halloween.

Mummy Mayhem: Wrapped up in Fun

takes inspiration from the mysterious world of ancient Egypt. The world of adventure and ancient evil collide on the outside of our Mummy Mayhem Seasonal Designer Trunk. Preserve all your decorations, costumes, and carving knives in this fantastical footlocker—perfect for young archaeologists and history buffs. Embrace the enigma of an primeval curse and let your imagination unravel with this captivating trunk.


From Halloween thrills to the warmth of the harvest season, there's a design to suit every camper's spooky side with Everything Summer Camp’s collection of Halloween-Themed Seasonal Designer Trunks. Make your camp trunk cause a scream! Get an even closer look at each one by clicking here. Which design will you choose for your next adventure? Thanks for reading and Happy Harvest!


- John

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