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UCO Gear Here!!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Give me a ‘U’ for Utility, a ‘C’ for Comfort, and an ‘O’ for Originality and what have you got? UCO Gear! They’ve made a great addition to our camping gear selection here at Everything Summer Camp where you can find pretty much everything you need for camp under the summer sun! To help expand and fulfill our gear selection for outdoor eating accessories, alongside brand names like GSI Outdoors and Fozzils. Have a look at the products available from these brands as well!

UCO Gear was founded in Redmond, Washington a full 50 years ago in 1971. Bringing nearly 50 years of innovation and manufacturing expertise to the outdoor gear industry, UCO constructs each one of their products with functionality which is designed to increase your safety and comfort throughout your camp trips and other outdoor excursions.

With products like the Hundred 2 Headlamp that offers amazing hands-free lighting or the 5 Piece Bamboo Elements Mess Kit that will store your food for easy packing, secure transportation, and convenient serving dish from which you can eat! Check out both of these convenient camping products by clicking right here.

We find litter in the most remote, natural spaces. This is where one of UCO’s ambassador’s accidental littering moment was so haunting that it spawned the #TrashTag project.Instead of taking self-fulfilling summit selfies,” says Steven Reinhold of UCO Gear, “We should be ‘Trash Tagging’ ourselves in pictures where we are cleaning up our wild places!” What a fun way to do good!

A leading brand in lighting gear and other outdoor preparedness needs as well as pioneers in clever trends that are helpful to cleaning up the great outdoors, shop UCO gear! Enjoy posting shots of your own before and after site clean-ups and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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