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Two Weeks for Lauren B.

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Having received more than 30 entries for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re eager to publish each one of them right here on the Blog to share with all our readers! We had seven lucky winners and then everyone else who submitted received a $15 gift certificate to our website! Today’s post is from Lauren B., who wrote in to tell us about her first year at overnight camp…

 “This was my first time going to camp and I was nervous/excited. I went with my best Camp Crestridge is a great place for your summer stay!friend and it was her first time too. We are both 10 so we knew we were OK being together. My mom asked me what was the most surprising thing I did or felt while being away from my home for two weeks and I told her I was surprised at how much I DIDN’T miss my parents! Surprisingly, she was happy to hear that! I loved meeting new friends and having new experiences. I enjoyed the skills training although I never got the hang of archery. My friend and I can’t wait to go back next summer and we want to stay a whole month but our parents said no only two weeks! We had such an amazing time three of our friends want to come with us next summer! Thank you for letting me tell you about my awesome time at Camp Crestridge!

Love your friend,
Lauren B.- Chickasaw Cabin 8”

Glad to hear how much you loved your stay at Camp Crestridge, Lauren! It’s great that you didn’t really get homesick either (although don’t be surprised if you should encounter it in years to come). Sounds like you sparked an interest in camp among your other friends as well! Camp certainly is contagious! Check out Camp Crestridge to see if it might be a good match for you. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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