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Try To Organize Those Crazy Schedules

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Hey there, Frenzied Fathers and Mothers!

It’s more than understandable that this time of year can often times become a little overwhelming. Your kids go from lying around the house day in and day out for three months to suddenly having schedules as busy as yours! They have school, after school activities, homework, sporting events, sleepovers, and more. And you’re the one in charge of orchestrating all of it!

Well, here are some very helpful tips to managing everybody’s schedule without losing out on the fun of life!


First—and probably most important—is the purchase and use of a large family calendar. You’ll want this calendar to go in a place where everyone will see it: on the refrigerator or hanging on a wall in the hallway where everyone walks through. Write in everything that you know is happening that month like birthdays, sporting events, recitals, appointments, and so on. Don’t forget to write in new events as well.

Planning Ahead

Next up is to plan ahead. Make sure that you don’t leave your planning for the future to the present. Handling things in the last minute increases stress and anxiety.

Share Responsibilities

Divvying up responsibilities is another great tactic to prevent busy schedules from bottlenecking through you. If they’re old enough, you can let your kids handle cutting grass or raking. Maybe your parents want to spend more time with your kids—work something out where your kids go to their grandparents a few times a month.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

Prioritizing is very important when it comes to your kid’s life. It’s up to you to know the difference between how much your kids think they can handle and how much they’ll want to handle. You don’t want their lives to become simply going from one appointment to the next!

Have Some Fun

Lastly, fill in a few empty nights with fun things your family can do together. Maybe a game night or watching a movie. Balancing work and fun feels more possible and is more possible if you can stick to these helpful tips.

And thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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