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Trunk-Maker Mel

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Hey, Camp Folks!

While we’re pleased to offer all the summer camp gear and other camping supplies on your packing list here at Everything Summer Camp, our camp trunks are truly our pride and joy. We’re the Maker of C&N Footlockers—the best footlockers around. Melanie (or Mel as she goes by) is one of our esteemed Production workers, crafting our high quality camp trunks.

Given the opportunity to go to summer camp nowadays, as an adult, Mel could think of several ways she would spend her time. Check out her favorite activities she would sign herself up for…

Easily making the top of the list, Mel went kayaking three times just last summer. Her favorite places to go are on the nearby Yellow River in Stanley as well as the Namekagon River in Hayward. She can still recall her first trip out with her mom, her brother, and her best friend back when she was 11. She was a little nervous her first time, but it can be a very soothing experience she told me. “It’s beautiful out there in the morning!”

Years before her Kayaking days, Mel discovered a love for Gardening. She loved spending time in the big garden her grandma and grandpa’s house where they offered her money for working out there. They’d give her a dollar for each plant she planted and a dollar per item she harvested. Pretty good incentive!

Mel discovered a love for Baking at a fairly young age. Her mom had her Baking at just six years old. Folks will attest here around the office that Mel’s Baking skills are next level! “Homemade feels so warm,” she noted.

Just two years after Baking came Baseball (or Softball anyway). Mel started playing little league as an eight-year-old and she loved it so much that she continued to play throughout her school years and played for her high school team. She missed playing it after graduation and she eventually coached in order to get it back in her life!

Do you love any of the same camp activities as Mel? Her picks are particular, but pretty essential summer camp experiences! Maybe you’ll enjoy one or more of these come your summer camp stay. As always, thanks for reading and happy camping!


- John


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