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Tricia in Tears!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We were delighted to see such a great response to our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest here at Everything Summer Camp and now we’re eager to publish each one right here on the Blog! After our seven lucky winners, everyone else who submitted received a $20 gift certificate to our online store!

Today’s post is from Tricia N., who wrote in to share about her daughter’s summer experience at Camp Mohawk for the first time. Check it out right now:

“My daughter went to her first two week sleep away camp this summer! She's my independent, show-no-emotion girl so I was not worried about her going. When it was time for pickup, I fully expected to see a sour-face saying ‘why did you come so early to pick me up?’ Instead, getting out of the car, as she spotted me at a distance, she came running into my arms with tears in her eyes. I totally lost it myself. She had an amazing time at camp—she made wonderful friends and memories, and grew even more independent than she already was. But, it was so wonderful to see and hold her again at pickup and see her emotion at seeing us. She loves her family, no matter how old or independent she gets!”  :)


That’s great, Tricia! What a wonderful flood of emotion that must have been on pickup day. Lots of kids hold back and don’t show what a fun time they had or how happy they are to see you right away. Doesn’t seem like you had any trouble reading her or gauging how her summer stay went.

Check out Camp Mohawk for yourself by clicking here to see their website if you’re interested in this camping experience and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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