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Hey, Fans of Summer! 

At summer camp, it's wise to have some kind of portable fan nearby to help you stay cool when the days get hot! We’re proud to offer fans from one of the industry's top brand names: TREVA. Designed for performance and innovation, TREVA products are perfect for those summer scorchers at camp. Trust us, when the heat strikes, you'll want your trusty TREVA fan around to bring you much-needed cooling relief. 

TREVA 5" Clip Fan
The 5” Clip Fan from TREVA has your back on those stagnant summer scorchers. With a secure clipping base for your convenience, the Clip Fan can be used anywhere you go! It offers two speeds and it even rotates and tilts for optimal airflow directed exactly where you need it. 

TREVA 10" Camping Fan with AC Adapter
Get your cool relief from the TREVA 10” Camping Fan with an AC Adapter. This is a powerful fan with two speeds that can travel with you just about anywhere. It has a built-in handle for carrying convenience and it’s completely adjustable so you can direct the airflow where you want it to go! 

TREVA 10" Battery Powered Camping Fan with Lights
LED lights bring extra fun to this Fan. Set this powerful, two-speed Fan out on a picnic table to cool you and your friends during an outdoor card game or just put it on the ground while you lie on the grass. Its base is made to pivot independently to give itself stability on uneven ground! 

TREVA 3.5" Rechargeable Puck Fan
Charging is easy as can be with the included micro USB charging cable. TREVA designed this fan to operate at three speeds so you can choose between a light breeze to a good gust! A full charge will deliver a cooling 6 hours of high speed, 9.5 hours of medium speed, and 18 hours of low speed. 

Shop right here at Everything Summer Camp to find refreshing TREVA fans for your escape when the summer heat gets to be too much! As always, stay cool and thanks for reading! 


- John


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