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Travel Games for Those LONG Car Rides

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Hey, Summer Lovers!

The end of summer camp rarely marks the end of summer fun! In fact, it typically kicks off the rest of your summer plans. It’s the perfect time for family vacations, long car rides, and bored little kids. And, as adults, let’s face it—we too can get pretty bored when a road trip lasts a couple hours too long, right.

If only you could play a game in the car more entertaining than “I Spy” or “Twenty Questions.” Oh wait—you can! Our Travel Games at Everything Summer Camp are a great cure for the boredom you endure on the long ride to your vacation spot. We’ve got fun classics like Chess, Checkers, Memory, Battleship, and plenty more.

There are literal hours upon hours of entertainment in these mini-game sets and enough fun to last a thousand road trips!hangman go game

The cloth-covered metal cases called Go Games are compact games specifically made for playing during long car rides. The case zips open to reveal the game board. The pieces are magnetic and stay firmly in place. You can even zip it closed mid-game and continue the game after hitting a rest stop!

Everything Summer Camp also offers an assortment of shrunken, portable-sized games that play like the original versions! The built-in Carabiner on these games lets you clip it to just about anything. Have your pick from Connect 4, Scrabble, Boggle, Twister, Operation, and Battleship.

We also have Electronic Carabiner Games for single players. Play classic arcade games like Frogger and Tetris or other types of classics like Battleship and Yahtzee!

flip to win memoryLastly, you can ride around with a cool deck of cards or Melissa & Doug’s Flip-To-Win Memory Game board. We also have Melissa & Doug Flip-to-Win Hangman which includes an erasable whiteboard and self-storing, dry-erase marker and eraser. There aren’t any loose pieces so it’s sure to come home in one piece!


That’s how you have hours of fun in the car before your vacation ever even starts!


- John
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