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Totally Ava!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We were happy to get the turnout that we did this year for our annual Everything Summer Camp ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest! Your camp stories were great! I had such a fun time reading through them and we’ve been having a blast publishing them here on the Blog to share them with all our readers online! We’re posting each submission with their own individual post right here on the Blog!

Since I’ve finished announcing our ten lucky winners who took larger prizes in September, I’ve moved on to the rest of your submissions. The following post is from Ava S. who wrote in to tell us about her summer stay at Camp Ozark. Check it out:


“Hi, I’m Ava I’m going to tell you about my awesome, and funny Camp Ozark experience.

SUNDAY: When I got off the bus I was SO excited to finally be at one of my favorite places besides the couch, Camp Ozark! It was my second year and I was was pumped. As we were heading to our cabin a girl walked up to me and said, “Hi I’m Harper!” I answered back “Ava nice to meet you.” Harper smiled and said “It’s my fist year here and I’m a little nervous but excited.” She raised an eyebrow “What year is it for you?” she exclaimed. “Second,” I said nicely, “And don’t be nervous, it’s really fun”. We got to our cabin, my trunk hadn’t come yet and I wasn’t worried because I had just gotten off the bus.

Before I knew it, Mish Mash had started! Mish Mash is a fun supervised free time where all things in camp are open. Harper and I had been talking and we needed to take our swim tests. One of our counselors Kate had come with us to watch us. We passed our swim tests in the FREEZING cold water. We went to the slides and had a super fun time. Then I saw a slide labeled “TOILET BOWL”. I said to Kate and Harper “We HAVE to go on that slide!” They agreed and we headed over there. Though I was nervous, the slide looked SO fun and I couldn’t resist. Kate and a few other kids from our cabin had already gone down when it was my turn. I didn’t have second thoughts, and the next thing I knew I was headed down the long tube. The water from the beginning had already blinded me so I tried to wipe my eyes but a big “BUMP” had stopped me. I started heading down the whirly part of the slide. Once I FINALLY got a chance to wipe my eyes, “SPLASH” into the cold water I went. As soon as my mouth kissed the surface the girls started talking and asking me questions. I couldn’t hear yet because of the water still draining out of my ear so I just nodded and said yes.

After dinner we went to our cabins to get ready for Theme Night, I started to get bit worried because, well my outfit for theme night was in my trunk. It was later and my trunk still hadn’t come yet. “No biggie I don’t have to wear a costume” I thought. So after theme night which was SO COOL we went to our cabin and my trunk STILL HAD NOT COME IN YET. Ok, so at this point I was PANICKED I asked my counselors if they had seen it, no from them, cabin mates, nope. I WAS IN A SWIMSUIT. Well I didn’t take shower that night. I WAS VERY COLD. I was fine though, (thankfully) 😅.

WEDNESDAY: Everything had gone by so fast, and the next thing I knew it was Wednesday. It was also TEAM COMPETITION TIME. I’m OSAGE the blue team I WAS a competitive swimmer and lucky for me the competition for that day was swimming. We CRUSHED the CADDO they were almost five people behind us. IT WAS SICK (In a good way).

THEME NIGHTS: The Theme Nights Are basically Camp Ozark’s let go, fun time, unique, nights. It is one of the things that make Camp Ozark, well, Camp Ozark. They’re different outfits for different theme nights, settings, and even costumes. For me since I’m a one week camper these are my theme nights One: State fair, Two: Planet Ozark, Three: Disney, Four: Red, White, and Blue Five: Totally Ozark Six: Disco Daze. Those are the theme nights that make Camp Ozark incomparable.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Mission Impossible sounds REALLY cool; right, well IT IS. Not everyone knows this but… mission impossible is ALWAYS on Disney night. You know why, well on Disney night we do our thing, and then we have a show on the lake. After our usual theme nights end its late, but with Disney, it’s still light out. Everyone goes to their cabins and then on the speaker they say “That’s right, everybody its Mission Impossible!!! We all get dressed and start. There is challenges that you have to do and the winning cabin gets a PIZZA PARTY!!!!!!!!

Well that’s all.




Hi, Ava. Thanks for writing in to us this year! I’m glad you had so much fun during your summer camp stay. Sorry your trunk didn’t make it to camp when you needed it. I guess your swimsuit WAS your costume for Theme Night. Anyway, it sounds like you had fun regardless. Sounds like Camp Ozark is a super cool camp. For anybody interested in Camp Ozark, take a closer look by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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