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Tooting our own Horn

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Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

We supply plenty of other products from a wide variety of excellent brand names of all kinds of camp gear and camping supplies such as The North Face, Nalgene, iScream, and so much more. But just for today, let’s look at some of the gear and supplies we create and provide here at Everything Summer Camp! We offer so much that we’ll just look at several categories our products fit into in order to give a general overview of what we have.   

Take a look…

From Clothing Stamps to Stick-On Everything Labels, Name Labels, and few other items in between, we certainly have you covered for all your labeling needs. We manufacture these labeling methods right here in our Graphics Department.

We have Camp Greeting Cards, informational Call Me Cards to help keep in touch, easy Postcards—and don’t forget beautiful and camp-themed Stationery of our own production, created by the talented hand of Amy, our Graphic Artist. Browse through all the options we have available!

Bunk Products
We want you to be comfortable at summer camp! That means not just having the right kind of Bed Sheets, but a wonderful Pillow Case, fun and fashionable Floor Mats, a functional Bunk Organizer, as well as a snug Sweatshirt Blanket.

When you’re living the life on the road, away from home, you want certain things like Duffel Bags along with our Pop Up Soft Trunk—a great soft alternative to our wooden trunks with metal exterior, a stylin’ Laundry Bag of our own construction and designs, as well as a few Tees for the camp life!

We’re proud to produce such cool prints and products for your summer camp fun and always looking to add more designs to our options. Enjoy browsing all the products and options we have available just from our own brand name and shop the coolest camp gear around! Till next time, Camp Fans! And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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