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Too Many to Pick!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

With an exceptional understanding of what durable footlocker construction is and how to achieve it on every single one she touches, Teresa, our Production Supervisor, is one of the best trunk-makers in the country—maybe even the world. After almost 16 years of building them, we consider her the expert. With her exceptional know-how and efficient orchestration of construction, it’s no wonder that our Production Department puts out such solid products.

Given the opportunity to go to summer camp nowadays, as an adult, Teresa couldn’t make up her mind and settle on just a single activity. Check out the busy schedule she would make for herself with sports, Archery, Horseback Riding, and more!

Teresa kept spotting different sports that she enjoys playing with her current seven-year-old grandson who they call Chase, “because you got to chase after him,” she told me. They all enjoy playing games of Badminton, Soccer, Baseball, and more.

Shooting a bow and arrow was a clear pick for her as well. She loved it back in high school—she even strung her own bow! “When you’re a country girl you do a lot on your own,” she explained with a smile.

Horseback Riding
Of course, horseback riding had to go on her list as well. As a ‘country girl’, Teresa grew up with horses. At one point, her family had five horses altogether. One of them was like the wind, she told me.

Arts & Crafts
Partial to creativity (and working with her hands, of course), Teresa would also love to sign herself up for Arts & Crafts time, including Drawing and Painting. She reminisced of a painting she made in her high school days of her grandmother’s birdhouse.

A few other activities caught her eye that she tossed in like Gardening, Baking, and Fishing. She would go fishing all the time at her family’s cabin on a lake, she regularly gardens, and she’s been decorating cakes since she was ten!

Do you love any of the same camp activities as Teresa? Her picks are particular, but pretty essential summer camp experiences! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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