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Today Is National Make Your Dream Come True Day…Start Today

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Hey, Dreamers!

Everyone has a dream that they’d like to pursue in life. Some people want to be firefighters, some want to be policemen. Other people want to be musicians or actors. Today is a day to recognize that dream and take steps towards realizing it. Today is National Make Your Dream Come True Day.

balloonsAnyone who’s already done it will tell you—following your dreams takes hard work, determination, patience, and more hard work. But that’s why our dreams are so important. Our dreams are never easy to fulfill as nothing important is. Take National Make Your Dream Come True Day as a gentle reminder and a golden opportunity to make some forward progress in realizing your dream.

Dreams will never come true unless you take the proper steps to turn them into a reality! Now that doesn’t mean you should be discouraged if your dreams have not yet come true—not in the least. It should give you the satisfaction of knowing that someday you will achieve your dreams.

Take myself for example. I knew when I was little that I wanted to be a writer. I wrote every day. I wrote every night. I went to school for writing both in high school and college, absorbing as much information as possible to be the best writer I could be. Now I get to talk to all you Everything Summer Camp Blog readers in the form of my written word!

When you take steps in the right direction, you’re bound to get where you’d like to be…eventually. Yes, following our dreams is no easy task. But no matter how difficult it is or how far away your dream seems from becoming a reality—stick with it! It’ll be worth it in the end because doing what makes you happy is ALWAYS going to make you happy!

Dream big and dream on, Dreamers! Thanks for reading.


- John
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