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To Canoe or Not to Canoe..

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Hey, Canoe-Loving Campers!

Today is National Canoe Day! If Canoeing is your thing and if you can make it happen today it sure would be nice to celebrate your love for this hobby today! In celebration, I thought we could take a look at the reasons to go Canoe over Kayak.

Despite the fact that canoes are heavier and harder to transport along with a slower traveling speed, people have found a multitude of reasons to opt for canoes over kayaks. Some of these reasons fall back to simple preference while others are legitimate benefits that canoes have over kayaks.

Here’s a look at just some of the reasons why people prefer a canoe:

Canoe Carry This For Me?

You can carry lots of gear easily in a canoe…in a kayak, not so much. The larger size and open top offer more packing space than the closed cockpit of a kayak. For this fact, canoes do better than kayaks on portage trips that require regular water crossing.

Park it…or Don’t..

Canoes provide decent stability (much more than kayaks) and therefore offer a variety of sitting positions as well as kneeling (which can add more power behind paddling strokes) or even standing up. Not being stuck in the same position—like you are in a kayak—allows for more comfort for longer distances on exciting expeditions.

Fantastic View

Canoes are super easy to get in and out of—especially so compared to kayaks. Young kids and family dogs can join you out on the water in a canoe. The open, tall sides of canoes keep water from splashing inside unless the waters are really wild. And the slower pace and openness of canoes offer a much better view of the beautiful sights as opposed to a kayak.

It’s National Canoe Day, so I really talked it up over kayaks, but that’s not to disrespect kayaking at all. The way I see it, kayaking is a little more for the adventure and workout of the activity while canoes serve more of a practical, strolling sort of experience. Enjoy your love for canoeing today and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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