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Tips and Tricks to Making Friends at Summer Camp

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Hey, Friendly Campers!

Summer camp is an incredible opportunity for kids to forge lasting friendships and create unforgettable memories. For some, making new friends can feel a little daunting, but fear not! Here are just a few tips and tricks to help your child achieve friendships at camp with ease.

Great Ways to Start Making Friends

From confident introductions to engaging icebreaker games and memory-boosting techniques, these strategies will empower your child to build meaningful connections and embrace the full camp experience.

The Power of Introductions

Introductions are a great way to show everyone at summer camp that you’re a nice person and looking forward to knowing them all better. Teach your child to introduce themselves by sharing their name and then ask their new acquaintance for theirs. A confident introduction conveys friendliness and establishes a positive first impression.

From there, your kid should show some interest in getting to know them. Coach your child to ask open-ended questions to spark conversation, such as, "How did you discover this camp?" or "Is this your first year here?" These initial questions show genuine interest and pave the way for meaningful connections to form.

Remembering All the New Names

Remembering names can be a challenge, but little tricks can come to the rescue to make playing the ‘name game’ much easier. Campers find it helpful to come up with a crazy sentence that uses the first letter of each person’s name. For example, if their cabin mates are Pat, Robin, Chris, Francis, and Bo, they can use the sentence "Pink Rabbits Can Fly Busses."

This playful technique is called a mnemonic device (pronounced new-mon-ick) and can be used to help solidify names in their memory, making interactions more personal and fostering a sense of belonging. Encourage your child to use these memory tools during conversations, addressing their cabin mates by name. It shows attentiveness and helps strengthen the bond among campers.

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Icebreakers—Fun Games to Break Down Barriers

Icebreaker games are fantastic tools to create laughter and camaraderie among campers. Have your child pick out a game or two to bring along for a fun activity, such as icebreaker questions or charades. These games provide an enjoyable platform for campers to get to know each other better, share interesting facts, and find common ground.

Personalized gear like our C&N Designer Trunks, a cool and colorful Personalized Bunk Floor Mat, or a plethora of other personalizable gear can serve as an excellent icebreaker as well. Something this cool can work as an instant conversation-starter that helps campers find common interests and forge connections from the start.


Making friends at summer camp is an essential part of the experience. The tips above are all ways to help your camper start making friends, but really, the experience of summer camp itself—eating together, trading stories, and sharing adventures establishes strong bonds. Make sure you send your camper off this summer with the tools to build beautiful friendships at camp. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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