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Those iScream Lights

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Hey, Camp Shoppers!

We’re always thinking of new ways that you can decorate your bunk area at summer camp or even your bedroom at home. Here at Everything Summer Camp, the Maker of C&N Footlockers, we know that the area where you sleep means so much more to you than just a bed and a pillow. An attractive space that displays a little piece of your personality is so much more…YOU!

Lighting is a master at setting a certain mood; its influence on a room is strong. That’s why we’re happy to offer some of the latest lighting products from iScream. Check out what you can find here at the Everything Summer Camp online camp store.

Neon Speech Bubble Message Light Frame
You can jot a message down with the pen that's included with the Neon Speech Bubble Message Light Frame. Plug in the USB cable and watch as your message is illuminated by a great bright glow with a neon-effect. When you’ve got something to say, say it with glowing neon-effect.

Solar System String Lights
The heliocentric model hits home with these Solar System String Lights that feature the planets in the galactic neighborhood. Backed with battery-powered LED lights, these Solar System String Lights light up to shine above your bed, or desk, or anywhere else you please within the solar system.

Neon Effect Writing Light Frame
Create a message or artistic masterpiece on this awesome Neon Effect Writing Light Frame. Included in the package are three bright pens to use on this Light Frame. Then, once you've made your mark, turn the frame on and watch your writing or other work glow with a neon kind of look. Set a mood with your light frame, lay down the rules of your territory, remind yourself of an important upcoming event, or leave a message for the entertainment of others. The possibilities are literally endless.

Pom-Pom String Lights
Always good for its cheer, the pom-poms that are socked about like a handheld fireworks show at sports events to cheer on the home team are emulated on these String Lights from iScream. Hang nearly 120 inches of these pom-pom lights around your bunk area at camp as well as your bedroom at home and watch them light up! Give me a S-T-R-I-N-G   L-I-G-H-T-S! What's that spell? String Lights. String Lights! String Lights!!!

Make your room and bunk area the coolest spot around and get these awesome lighting products from iScream, available right here at the Everything Summer Camp online shop. Check out all of our awesome selection from iScream by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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