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Think You Know Everything About Courteney Cox?

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Hey, Friends!

You know who’s a great friend? Courteney Cox! At least, she was on the TV show. And while she seemed pretty friendly on the show, I guess I don’t really know from personal experience what kind of friend she is. But I’ll bet she’s nice.

Like yours truly, Courteney was born the “baby” in the family with two older Courteney Cox attended summer camp when she was young.sisters, Virginia and Dottie, and one older brother, Richard, Jr. Her family lived in a suburb called Mountain Brook, Alabama. She went to Camp Mac in Munford, Alabama—a summer camp that really delivers the camping experience.

After she graduated from Mountain Brook High School she left home for Washington D.C. where she attended Mount Vernon College to study architecture.

D.C. is also where Courteney decided to pursue her career in modeling and acting. When she was 20 she appeared in the music video “Dancing in the Dark” by “The Boss” himself, Bruce Springsteen. In the video, Courteney plays a fan in the crowd who gets pulled up on stage to dance with Bruce.

For two years in the late 80’s, Courteney landed a recurring role in the popular television series, Family Ties. She played Lauren Miller, the girlfriend of Michael J. Fox’s character. She acted in a few movies here and there for a while, but things didn’t really get big for her until she landed her role on the hit sitcom, Friends.

Though auditioning for the part of Rachel Green (Jennifer Anniston’s character), Courteney was cast as Monica Geller. The same year she also played Melissa Robinson in the first Ace Ventura movie alongside Jim Carrey and as Jerry’s girlfriend in an episode of Seinfeld. 1994 was a big year for Courteney that marked the beginnings of her path to super stardom.

Courteney has gone onto to star in two other television series, and has reprised the character of Gale Weathers three times since the first Scream movie.

Summer camp taught Courteney Cox the way to success. Where will it take you? Thanks for reading, Campers.


- John


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