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They Come in Peace…and Flying Saucers too

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Hey, Camp Fans and Aliens alike!

Since we started walking on two legs, our species has looked up to the sky in curiosity and wondered if we’re alone in the universe. And, all too often when we look up, we end up seeing seemingly impossible motion from mysterious objects that don’t seem to be of earthly invention. UFO’s are very real, people. So real that today we celebrate National UFO Day.

UFO, if you don’t know, stands for Unidentified Flying Object; and in that sense, UFO’s What are we seeing in our skies?truly are real since an object that simply isn’t identified qualifies (it doesn’t necessarily mean an alien spaceship as so many people associate with these three letters).

Encounters with UFO’s past, however, certainly do lend themselves to the idea of visitors from another planet, but I’ll let you be the judge. Let’s take a look at several different, well-documented sightings:

Roswell, New Mexico
After the reports of a crashed ‘flying disc’ in the New Mexico desert made their way into the hands of the people on newspaper headlines, the US Military followed up with a statement that it was simply a weather balloon—a drastically different story from what was initially sighted. Since then, interest in conspiracy cover-ups have been on the rise with Area 51 and eyewitness interviews that raise skepticism.

Phoenix Lights
‘Aliens on parade’ is pretty much the best way to describe this bizarre incident. In 1997 a mass sighting occurred in which hundreds of thousands of people watched a mile-wide V formation of strange lights as they silently glided over 300 miles of Arizona and surrounding areas. Phoenix got the best show as these lights slowly dragged along the night sky for about three hours.

Declassified Navy Video
A three-year-old video from the U.S. Navy that captures a mysterious unidentified flying object was recently declassified earlier this year. The camera stays on this flying object until it zips off at an incredible speed in a fashion that no earthly aircraft can travel. One of the pilots who encountered this object said it was “Not of this world.”

Almost all scientists are in agreement that the universe is too vast a place for life NOT to exist outside our home planet. Aliens…almost undoubtedly are out there. We are not alone. However, whether or not they’ve visited our planet is still in question despite the wealth of mysterious incidents that people have reported and strange discoveries on our planet from long ago.

Have we been visited in the past? Will they visit us in the future? What will we discover should we meet? There’s no way to know if we’ll get these answers in our lifetime, but it certainly is an entertaining topic on which to meditate, especially today on UFO Day. Enjoy aliens on your brain and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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