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Funny Letters for Kids at Summer Camp

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It may no longer be the most popular form of long-distance communication, but the postal service used to be the only form of long-distance communication available.

And for many children attending summer camp, this is still the case. That’s why for so many campers there’s still magic in receiving tangible mail you can hold that has a friend or family member’s handwriting.

Funny Camp Letters

At Everything Summer Camp, we understand the importance of connecting with your children during their time away at camp. For camp parents sending their first letter to sleepaway camp is practically a rite of passage.

We also understand that sometimes the inspiration for camp letter ideas can be in short supply, so we created these funny letters to mail to your child at camp. These cards are a great way to check-in and make sure your camper is having the time of their life from afar.

We carry other stationery and summer camp postcards as well, but these Summer Camp Letter Cards are a great way to let your campers know that you’ve been thinking about them during their time away. Write a little message to go along with the funny, printed message on the card’s front.

Our summer camp cards come in packs of five with different designs for boys, girls, and parents. Buy a pack for yourself, and another for your camper so they can write you back letters from camp!   


- John

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