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Theodore (Teddy) Bear

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Hey, Teddy Bear Lovers!

Among all the different kinds of stuffed animals you have or have owned in the past, a classic Teddy Bear was almost undoubtedly one of yours for everybody! Teddy Bears are everywhere. Everyone has one. We all love them! After all, we have a dThis is one oooold teddy bear from Germany.ay for them; and that day is today. Grab your bear and enjoy today’s post together in honor of National Teddy Bear Day.

The Teddy Bear is named after the 26th president of the United States, Theodore (or, Teddy, as he hated being called) Roosevelt. President Roosevelt earned himself this endearing honor thanks to his compassion for a specific Black Bear. The bear had been brutalized and tied up by other hunters that Roosevelt was competing against. They tied the bear up for the president to shoot.
The cartoon that sparked the teddy bear.
However, deeming the conduct in which this bear was treated unsportsmanlike, Roosevelt suggested somebody else shoot it to put the poor thing out of its misery. This hunting episode quickly became the subject of a political cartoon in ‘The Washington Post’.

When a man named Morris Michtom spotted the cartoon, he found inspiration to make the world’s first Teddy Bear. He made a cute, little bear cub and placed it in the shop window. The nearby sign read: ‘Teddy’s Bear’. He sent a bear to the president, asking permission to use his name. Roosevelt (despite his hatred for the name Teddy) agreed and the stuffed toys became an instant success!

Teddy Bears have certainly evolved over time. Originally, they were made to resemble real bears, sporting beady eyes and extended snouts. Modern Teddies have accentuated ‘cuteness’ with smaller noses and bigger eyes. A perfect day to go give your Teddy Bear a squeeze, enjoy National Teddy Bear Day and, as always, thanks for reading.Teddy Bears have evolved over time.


- John

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