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The Wonderful World of Camp Timberlane…

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we just can’t help ourselves but to give credit where credit is due. That’s why we like to talk up the people whose products we offer; we also like to talk up camps that excel at showing kids a great camp experience. Shining the spotlight all across the country, the camp we talk about next could be the one you’re attending this summer!Imagine yourself at this magical camp.Just like Everything Summer Camp, Camp Timberlane is also located in Wisconsin. Proud to operate in the same state, Timberlane’s all-boys camp is roughly a two-and-a-half-hour drive from us, located alongside Lake Towanda in Woodruff.

A beautiful campground, Timberlane is equipped with awesome facilities and features of great variety, so there’s sure to be SOMEthing for EVERYone! They’ve got a climbing tower, an archery area, basketball and tennis courts, a batting cage as well as a baseball diamond, a volleyball court, and an impressive setup for water activities like waterskiing, fishing, sailing, boating, or just, plain swimming!

For fun, indoor activities, the Timberlane Recreation Hall is a kid magnet! Featuring a Ping-Pong table, a Fusball table, and Shuffleboard, the Rec. Hall is definitely a pretty exciting place. This gorgeous log structure is also where the camp’s Guitar Classes are taught as well as the Comedy Sportz Improv Classes and the Gymnastics Program.

The campers all retire to their designated cabins at night, but no matter whether you’re staying in the Cheyenne Cabin, the Sioux, Cherokee, or any of the other dozenThere's much fun awaiting you at Camp Timberlane cabins at Timberlane, you’re cabin sits along the peaceful lakeshore. What more could a kid ask for in this lovely, wooded setting?

Camp Timberlane operates away from their campground as well. In fact, a major part of Camp Timberlane’s program is their amazing wilderness trips. They send river canoeing, lake canoeing, backpacking, rock climbing, and sea kayaking trips that travel all over Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Canada. Their trips last for as long as 12 days in spectacular wilderness settings. Highly skilled and qualified trip leaders accompany each trip and teach the kids outdoor living and environmental stewardship.

Because all in all, Camp Timberlane is much more than just a place—it’s a community where kids have been gathering for over 50 years, to gain skills and inner growth through the subtleties of playing, making friends, and having FUN! Find out what Camp Timberlane can do for your child! Check it out for yourself!


- John


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