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The Why of Fries…

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Hey, Fry Fanatics!

It’s pretty obvious since this side is served at just about every fast food place around that French Fries are a favorite for a lot of folks! What beats that crispy, salty starch dipped in ketchup or whatever other condiment you prefer? And like it’s not enough that they’re served at every burger joint you go, we dedicate today to these fantastic fried potato strips. Happy French Fries Day.Picnic with some fries of your own on for celebration of French Fries Day!

Learn a thing or three about French Fries on today’s Blog post:

French, Spanish, and Belgian cultures all claim to be the home of the French Fry. Belgians hold that the snack got the word “French” in its name because the French steal all Belgian food. People of France say it was their street vendors who were first to sell them in 1789. And, even yet, the Spanish feel that, as the first European country to bring potatoes from the New World, they are the likeliest inventors of French Fries.

The Fries Have It
I know I already commented at the start of this post that French Fries are pretty much our favorite side here in the United States. Can you believe that roughly 70,000 acres of potatoes grown in the US are made to be French Fries sold from McDonald’s? And did you furthermore know that McDonald’s is responsible for more than 1/3 of all fries sold in restaurants? We reeaaally like Fries!

Presidential Potatoes
We may not know who to credit with the invention of French Fries, but we exactly who introduced them to the American people! It was Thomas Jefferson who was recorded to have served “potatoes, fried in the French manner” at dinner in the White House back in 1802!

We toast a French Fry to all of you today as we look back fondly on the last couple centuries of Fries in America and wish everyone Happy French Fries Day! Cheers. Go eat some French Fries today whether you get them from a restaurant or make some homemade Fries in the oven with some spices. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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