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The Vapur Water Bottle-A Different Kind of Water Bottle

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Hello, Camp Fans!

Yesterday I told you about the CamelBak AllClear water bottle—one of many great water bottles that you can find here at Everything Summer Camp. But today I’m posting about a different water vessel that’s not simply an alternative to the AllClear water bottle, but an alternative to water bottles altogether!

Almost 90% lighter than any rigid water bottle, Vapur bottles pretty much only pack water weight. The beauty of Vapur Water Bottles is that they aren’t really bottles at all! In fact, they’re anti-bottles, actually—the antithesis of a water bottle!

The Vapur Anti-Bottle stands up just like any traditional water bottle when it’s holding water. Once empty, though, the Vapur Anti-Bottle flattens, folds, and fits just about anywhere you would want to go with it whether that’s in your pocket, a purse, or a pack.vapur element water bottle

Everything Summer Camp is happy offer the 18 oz. Reflex Original Vapur Anti-Bottle as well as the 23 and 34 oz. Vapur Element Anti-Bottles. These Anti-Bottles are made with durable 3-ply construction. They’re dishwasher safe and BPA Free. Just as you can say about any Vapur Anti-Bottles, these vessels are made to withstand daily use and consistent cleanings.

While The Element is a bit more technical of a foldable water bottle than The Reflex, both offer great convenience in the outdoors. What makes The Element better? It’s more convenient with its widemouth flip-top SuperCap allows for larger gulps than the simple Sport Cap on The Reflex.

All in all, The Element is made for those who are avid about the outdoors. The Element makes grabbing a quick and satisfying gulp of water easy whether you’re running, climbing, or playing your heart out in some extreme sports!

Revolutionize your drinking habits this summer and save space with these great Anti-Bottles from Vapur! Until next time, blog buddies!


- John
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