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The Story Behind Personalizing Your Camp Trunk

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: labeling your gear is the number one rule of packing for camp. You have your name on everything else. Be sure to label your most expensive investment: your camp trunk! And why not go the extra mile to make a completely personalized statement with this permanent print exclusively for C&N trunks?!

One of our standout creations is our LidSkinz Trunk Accessory—a product that started as a simple idea and evolved into a stunning way to make your camp trunk uniquely yours. How did we come to make such a cool accessory for your camp trunk? Well, it was a long road to become the product it is now…

A LidSkinz Trunk Accessory makes a great method of trunk decorating.

The Journey of LidSkinz

This product began with a simple print on vinyl. We used to feed the vinyl printout through our laminate machine, applying a protective laminate covering. It required precision and skill to ensure the machine unrolled the laminate properly to apply it directly over the printout. There was next to no margin of error. Then, after the lamination, each LidSkinz was meticulously hand-cut with scissors!

As our methods advanced, so did LidSkinz. With the advent of our Designer Trunks—camp trunks that feature printed exteriors, LidSkinz were now printed directly onto the trunk's exterior metal, a shift that brought various results with different materials.

A great example of one of our camp trunks adorned with our C&N LidSkinz Trunk Accessory.

Initially, we printed on aluminum, which worked wonderfully. However, rising aluminum prices led us to explore alternatives. We experimented with hard plastic, which produced a matte effect, unlike the glossy finish our customers loved. Finally, we settled on steel, the same material as the rest of the trunk panels. This choice ensures consistency in appearance while maintaining the high-quality printing that characterizes LidSkinz.

The LidSkinz Trunk Accessory has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a vinyl print. In the end, this product isn't just another trunk accessory; it's an opportunity for campers to make a statement, showcase their creativity, and carry a piece of their identity with them to camp.

Enjoy creating a personalized top to your camp trunk. Check them out when you click right here and design your own. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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