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The Pivotal evolution of duffels is here!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

The world of duffels is pretty straightforward, isn’t it? There haven’t been too many changes to the product over the years, right? Wrong! Whether they have added pockets, carrying straps, telescoping handles, or smooth-rolling wheels, duffel bags are constantly evolving to make your travels more convenient. The Pivotal Soft Case is the evolution in duffel bags and available here at Everything Summer Camp

In fact, so many modifications have been made to duffel bags that you might wonder what else they can possibly do to offer even more convenience. Where else do they have to go from here? Well, just when you thought duffels couldn’t get any better, along comes the perfect specimen for transportation of your camp gear and other valuables.

As summer camp outfitters, it’s only natural that we carry a wide selection of duffel bags here at Everything Summer Camp. Each of our duffels has its own unique charm and designating features, but none of them travel quite so easily as the duffel bags from Pivotal Gear.

Pivotal Gear has spearheaded the latest in duffel bag innovation with their patented PIVOT-GRIP handle. Rolling on two, large all-terrain wheels, the handles on Pivotal Duffel Bags will actually rotate (or pivot) 360° to follow along with your hand, cutting out any unwanted strain on your arm and wrist.

You can find the Soft Case Gear Bag from Pivotal on our online, one-stop shop. The Pivotal Case is just what you need to make your travels easy, enjoyable, and struggle-free. You’ll be traveling in style with this spacious case!
The patented PIVOT-GRIP on the Pivotal Soft Case is the next step in duffel evolution
Equipped with more than just two wheels and a cool handle, the main compartment of the Pivotal Soft Case offers a divider support system that snaps effortlessly into place to provide a separate packing section or simply folds down, providing you with the maximum packing space.

Make traveling as easy on yourself as you can make and get the Pivotal Soft Case Gear Bag. Thanks for reading, Camp Fans.


- John

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