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The On-the-Go Desk

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Hey, Camp Fans!

A flat surface is something you should never take for granted! Of course we have desks for a home office and classrooms full of school desks, but where can you turn when you need a hard surface and there are no desks available? This is liable to happen in plenty of settings like a warehouse, sporting events, and—for sure—summer camp.

With the Storage Clipboard from Everything Summer Camp, you can head off to summer camp complete with stationery, pens, and stamps. Writing materials store right inside the clipboard! Its hinged lid opens to reveal the handy storage bin below. Keep your stationery, pens and more organized with this great clipboard that doubles as a makeshift desk.

Yes, our Storage Clipboards are cool, colorful, and convenient, but clipboards weren’t always so. In fact, just 150 years ago, they weren’t around at all. And when the first ones emerged, they weren’t referred to as clipboards; they were called board clips.

It was George Henry Hohnsbeen who patented the very first ‘clipboard’ by name

in 1908. Of course there’s not a whole lot to a clipboard in the first place, but the earliest models were about as basic as they can be—a wooden board with a metal hinged clip.

It didn’t take very long, however, for different materials and variations to be included in the construction. Aside from the original wood, people began making clipboards out of heavy-duty aluminum, PVC, high-impact polystyrene, and more. Storage clipboards were an obvious expansion to add to product to create convenient safe-keeping for documents that belong together.  

Clipboards are perfect for taking along on day trips in the woods where you can sit with Nature and write a letter, or a poem, or draw a picture of your surroundings. The paper on your clipboard offers a whole world of possibilities! See where your artistry and imagination can take you! Thank goodness for clipboards. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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