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The NO SCHTICK Black Friday Sale

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Alright, Excited Shoppers!

No need to wait until after you finish that delicious Thanksgiving feast later this week—you can start your discounted shopping right now; our Black Friday Sale is upon us here at Everything Summer Camp! Take advantage of our AMAZING DEALS that we have in effect on our website starting at 5:00pm tomorrow. Build up your anticipation and read on to check out our sales details!Get a load of these amazing deals at Everything Summer Camp for Black Friday

Unlike previous years, there’s no main theme to our Black Friday Sale this time around. In the past, we’ve presented this yearly sale with “The more you spend, the more you save” in which we included a gift certificate with your order based on how much you spent. Or, last year, we gave away a Sony Playstation VR launch bundle to one lucky customer. This year, however, we’re offering the…


The discounts of this sale are so good, we don’t even need to grab your attention with some main theme giveaway or a deal where you get money back with your order. This year’s sale is just a straightforward, save a lot of money-type deal. No codes, no gift certificates, no giveaways, and no hoops to jump through! It’s just a straight sGet your Pop Up for an eye-popping price!ale with some eye-popping discounts. Check ‘em out!

Pop Up Soft Trunks
We’re knocking down our Pop Up Soft Trunk price from $129.99 to $99.99. Amazed yet?

Open your C&N Footlocker to minty freshness with this camp trunk.Solid Color Trunks
Get Solid Color Trunks like the ever-popular Happy Camper and Undergrad (but not including Create-Your-Own Trunks) for $30 off as well!

Designer TrunksWild horses couldn't keep you away from this camp trunk.
Our Designer Trunks—made with printing technology that embeds the image directly into the exterior metal of the trunk—are $20 off.

Steel Pattern Trunks
You’ll have to wait for our biggest discount of the year but, come midnight on Black Friday, we’re bringing them back! Get Tie-dye, Botanical Explosion, and Zebra Pattern Don't allow yourself to become a vicitm of a Crime of Opportunity. Get yourself a C&N trunk to lock up your valuablesTrunks for $99.99—that’s $90 off!

This sale’s reach is site-wide while supplies last and offers tons of other great deals of at least 10% off on lots of great items and as much as 20% off on certain products in select departments. And all you have to do to get these deals is simply, visit our site! Have fun shopping and act fast to enjoy your savings! Supplies are limited! As always, thanks for reading.


- John

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