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The Newaygo Way

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Working with as many excellent summer camps as we do, it’s hard not to sing their praises—so we figured, why fight it?! Here at Everything Summer Camp, we work with more than 270 camps and today, we’re shining our summer camp spotlight to our state-next-door neighbor to the east in Michigan where we find the beautiful Manistee National Forest.

This is where we find Camp Newaygo. Let me show you around…

Camp Newaygo sits on 104 acres of land along a chain of lakes in the national forest region of mid-western Michigan. This summer camp knows that it’s important for young women who know city living all too well to find a place where they can escape the routine of life on a residential block. Girls have been finding the right place at Camp Newaygo since its first summer in 1926.

Camp Newaygo fills the summers with awesome activities such as Archery, Water Skiing, Challenge Course, Cheerleading, Team Sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Sailing, Photography, Wilderness Survival, Yoga, Tubing, Zumba, Paddle boarding, Windsurfing, Arts and Crafts, Water Polo, Rugby, Hiking,  Canoeing, Kayaking, Ukulele , Drama, Nature, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Outdoor Cooking, Gymnastics, Fencing, Pottery, Synchronized Swimming, Animal Care, and more!

Newaygo is a truly beautiful place. Nature fashioned it that way, but the summer camp staff has maintained it throughout the years with complementary development beautifully built buildings such as Long Lodge, Pottery Porch, The Nook, and many more. And you can take the waterfront road to take in the view as you look out at Lake Pickerel!  

Camp Newaygo is a fantastic place to spend your camp stay. If it sounds like a good match for you and your family, you can get a closer look at this special camp by visiting them on their website which you can get to by clicking here. Enjoy planning for the next summer season and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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