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A Different Way to Decorate

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Hey, Footlocker Fans!

We’re always thinking of new ways to spruce up our camp trunks. After all, they’re so much more than just storage units. Footlocker trunks are also attractive pieces of bedroom furniture. Whether you go with the simplicity of a nameplate or the splendor of a Lid Skinz print, footlockers don’t just fit your gear—they’re fashionable!
Name Plax are great accessories to adorn your trunk.
Yes, you can dress up a camp trunk anyway you like so that it’s sure to be a wonderful extension of your personality! And there’s no better way to express yourself than displaying your beautiful name. We’ve been making nameplates for a very long time, but now we’ve created a new means of showing off your moniker:

Name Plax!

Name Plax are contour-cut vinyl material that feature your name in all its glory! Intended for the top of your camp trunk, these things will also stick to your bedroom door, walls, windows, and anywhere else your parents will allow you to put it. Name Plax work on any camp trunk you can find except for ones with a fabric surface such as Rhino Armor trunks.

Lid Skinz are our completely customizable decal tops—they’re cool, for sure. They also cost $100. Paint jobs are also a popular route, but those can cost anywhere from $100-$300. In tName Plax are great on your camp trunk or anywhere!alking to our customers, we’ve realized that people who order Lid Skinz or get paint jobs done generally just want their name on their trunk.

With a dozen colors to choose from, you can customize your border, background, and font color for a plethora of possibilities. Our rectangular Plax measure 8” high by 18” long and our circular Plax are 9” in diameter. These decals are removable but are not reusable.

Order your Name Plax print and enjoy your name spelled out just the way you want it! Sure to be a hit this summer, Name Plax can be found right here! As always, thanks for reading.


- John

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