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The LidMate Organizer Is Exclusive To Everything Summer Camp

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Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

It’s time again, not to Throwback to an old post, but to an old product that we’ve carried here at Everything Summer Camp for SO long, yet it is still SO GREAT! A couple weeks ago I told you about the Deluxe Fan/Light from TexSport which went through recent revamping. We’ve carried it since 2006.

Today I’m talking about a product that we’ve been carrying for almost as long: the LidMate Organizer. This product came along two years later; while it may not be as old, its story is a little more interesting than the Deluxe Fan/Light’s. Why? you ask. Because the LidMate LMOOrganizer was designed by the President and Vice President of Everything Summer Camp—Ed and Mark!

The idea first became present when Ed and Mark would visit camps and see that kids were utilizing the space on the underside of their camp trunk by taping packing lists and photos to the inside of their trunk lid. Ed and Mark went straight to work designing something that would display pictures or packing lists as well as help keep some organization for smaller items.

This product has come a LONG way since its original design. At first it was attached with just Velcro strips which weren’t strong enough to handle the items that people wanted to keep in their LidMate. Now we use turn buckles: easier to install and able to hold anything you can fit inside the LidMate!

Securely mounting the Organizer on the inside of the trunk lid offers the use of an otherwise UNusable part of the trunk. This product has always been exclusive to C&N Manufacturing—the home of Everything Summer Camp. It took some time to work out a couple of kinks but what started out as a good product is now an amazing product that most campers can’t live without!

Over time we added more pockets and pen/pencil holders, and we’ve updated the light and mirror to be more durable so that this product is basically a built-in essential to your camp trunk. Enjoy the convenience!


- John

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