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The History of Hi-Tec Footwear

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Hey there, Camp Fans!

A few days ago, I talked about Teva—footwear manufacturers whose shoes you can find right here at Everything Summer Camp. Today I want to talk about another footwear supplier whose shoes we offer on our one-stop, online shop for all your summer camp needs.

Today I’m talking about Hi-Tec. This is one company who you can always trust to make an excellent pair of hard-wearing, long-lasting, all-purpose shoes! Whether you want to go for hi tec hiking boota casual stroll, a rugged hike, or a crazy game of Capture the Flag—Hi-Tec can see you through to the end!

The company got its start nearly forty years ago in 1974, England. From their early beginnings, Hi-Tec had already made their claim to fame with the lightweight hiking shoe. It married all of the rugged construction and durability of a hiking boot with the lightweight, casual feel that you get from tennis shoes.

While they enjoy making additional installments to the items they offer, Hi-Tec likes to stay true to its roots and continue perfecting their existing footwear and outdoor apparel. By 1990, Hi-Tec debuted as the very first lightweight hiker in the United States.

At that point they’d only had about fifteen years of experience, but they would soon become a leading company in footwear and outdoor apparel. Now, with nearly four decades of innovation in technology under their belt, Hi-Tec really has their craft down.

In 1995, they sponsored the first Eco-Challenge in history and the next year they launched their Adventure Races Series to mass market. One element of Hi-Tec’s success is their consistency in new products. Most recently, in 2008, they introduced the world’s first ion-mask boot.

So get a sturdy pair of Hi-Tec sneakers for your summer camp experience this season and have a blast at camp!


- John
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