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The First Camp Story Contest Winner Is...

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Hey, Camp Fans!

As the summer season makes its subtle shift into fall, it’s nice to look back and reflect on the fun that you had. That’s why, when the camp season is over, we’re always excited here at Everything Summer Camp to keep with our traditional ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest.

We decided to up the ante this year! We have ten winners for prizes of $50, $100, and the grand prize of $300! Today we're announcing the first of our six $50 winners.

Today’s winner is JW! Congratulations, JW! You’re our first $50 prize winner! JW spent some fun summer days at Camp Hayo-Went-Ha this year for camp! Read all about it in his kind of hilarious letters home...

Thanks again for your submission, JW! We’re so glad to hear how much you loved your time at camp after the first day. Way to stick with it in the beginning. Isn't it amazing how quickly things can turn around at summer camp?! Good thing you brought some comforting friends along like Green and MI Dog!

For anyone else interested in Hayo-Went-Ha, you can check it out right here. Tune in the rest of this month as we continue to announce our prize winners. Tomorrow we'll have our second $50 winner. Once our winners have been announced they’ll receive an email with the gift certificate code. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John



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