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The beautiful Camp Merrie-Woode

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Everything Summer Camp has the itch to spread the word about how great the camps are with whom we’ve formed great relationships. It should be no surprise we love them so much—we work with over 240 of them! Today I want to tell you about a camp that’s been with us for years—Camp Merrie-Woode for girls!
You can be proud when you attend Camp Merrie-Woode in the summer.Settled beneath Old Bald Lighthouse alongside Fairfield Lake in Sapphire, North Carolina, Camp Merrie-Woode sits on beautiful land which is registered as a U.S. National Heritage Area because of the nearby Northern Red Oak Forest and two historic grassy balds.

Remaining the Camp Director for almost the first 30 years since 1919, the founder, Mrs. Jonathon C. Day (or Dammie as many called her) brought traditions, honor, and an appreciation for simple living to the young women of her time.
Lots of fun is sure to be had a Camp Merrie-WoodeOffering a wide range of activities that balance tradition with exciting camp adventures, find fun in a variety of sports such as Archery, Tennis, Soccer, Kickball, a number of performing arts such as Drama and Dance; they have Visual Arts, Arts & Crafts, Sewing, Weaving, Photography, Ceramics, Horseback Riding, Hiking, and a great deal more options from which campers can choose.

The cabins at Merrie-Woode are rustic buildings made of wood. Most cabins only house four to six campers and one or two counselors. Older campers live in larger groups of eight to ten campers. Very accommodating and comfortabGet a load of Mt. Merrie Woode!le, girls who share cabins develop very close-knit communities and special friendships.

Awesome summer experiences are taking place every year at Camp Merrie-Woode just as they have for nearly the last hundred years. Be sure to check it out for yourself and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

P.S. Check out their really cool map right here!


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